Wishing AceRailgun All the Best

Kaburagi Kotetsu injured

Well, this is rather embarrassing. Last night, I let AceRailgun write a smackdown post against me because it’s always nice to have a little fun and challenge in the Aniblog Tourney.

And now, he is currently in the hospital having been hit by a car (no joke). This leaves me in a very embarrassing bind, because I planned to write a retaliation post once his smackdown post came out. Of course, the smackdown post came right after I fell asleep, so I didn’t have the chance to read it until now this morning and come up with a counter post.

So what does this mean for me? For now, I’ll let his smackdown post be, and I won’t be writing a counter post. I’m not sure how this will affect our Aniblog Tourney match, but I will not ask for nor give votes away. I shall leave it all up to the voters to decide on the better blog from here on.

Really, this is a tough bind you’ve left me in, AceRailgun. And I wish you all the best and hope you’re okay!

EDIT: AceRailgun is all okay, and is back blogging. That said, he decided to take down his smackdown post since it just didn’t fit his style. It was still a fun smackdown post though, and I even enjoyed it. :)

6 thoughts on “Wishing AceRailgun All the Best

  1. fabricerequin

    Thats very kind of you, It did come to a shock well ye because hes part of our blogsphere and so one of our comrades!

    Hope he gets better, And really its nice a nice touch you did there :)

    1. Ephemeral Dreamer Post author

      I was very surprised as well when I saw both his smackdown and update posts in the morning after waking up. I was prepared for his smackdown, but I never expected an incident like that to happen! I also enjoy his articles as well, and like you said, he’s a comrade of our ani-blogosphere. ^^

      Here’s to AceRailgun’s recovery!

  2. AceRailgun

    Sorry about that. I can tell you now it was unplanned.

    I’m feeling a bit better now. Thanks for the kind words and sorry about all the drama. That picture is so great and it’s kind of accurate too 😛


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